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Acrylic Microcement Sealer 1kg

Acrylic Microcement Sealer 1kg

£10.75 (£12.90 Incl.VAT)

Acrylic Sealer is a ready to use coating. The formula is based on acrylic resins and water-repellent additives. It is water-based which makes it perfect for the consolidation and sealing of Microcement and other cementuous surfaces

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⦁ Complete surface water-proofing
⦁ Allows for respiration of the surface
⦁ Enhances the aesthetic finish and the marble effects of the Microcement(wet look)
⦁ Allows for easier application of the  BI-COMPONENT POLYURETHANE SEALER



With 1 litre of ACRYLIC SEALER you can cover 7-10 m2 of surface – this depends on the porosity of the surface itself.

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