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Bi-component Microcement Fine 4kg

Bi-component Microcement Fine 4kg

£37.50 (£45.00 Incl.VAT)

BI-COMPONENT STONEDUST Fine  is a decorative coating that can be mixed with HD Resin  that provides the capability to create a large variety of colours and aesthetic finishes.
⦁ Must always be applied over BI-COMPONENT STONEDUST BASE  (sanded and vacuumed)

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This product is applied manually with a trowel .
Mix 800g of Stonedust fine microcement with ½ litre of HD resin and use an electric mixer to ensure that the contents are well mixed.
Between the application of the first and second layer of Stonedust fine microcement, you should allow enough time for the product to become dry to the touch (approximately 1-3 hours). Drying time varies dependent on temperature, ventilation and humidity present at the site.
It may be necessary to apply a third layer if the finishing after the second later is not the one that was desired.
It is recommended to polish the layers with 180+ grit sandpaper.

The application is manual and ought to be applied in short, semi-circular movements in very thin layers (100 micron) without leaving any excess.
If there are any imperfections following completion of the last layer, it is not recommended to attempt to fix it using a spatula/any other tool. It is preferable to sand the surface, clean it and apply a new layer.
Clean all tools with water.


The Efficiency is ± 400 g/m2 for 2 layers of 100 Micron

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