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Ready Mixed Microcement Base 5kg

Ready Mixed Microcement Base 5kg

£40.00 (£48.00 Incl.VAT)

Ready Mixed Microcement  is a mineral micro-mortar comprised of minerals, polymers, aggregates, resins, dyes and special waterproof additives, prepared and ready to use.

This product must be applied in layers of 1mm maximum – it is used for the preparation of any type of support, covering joints in wall or floor tiles for the subsequent application of fine Ready Mixed microcement.

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Does not require mixing
100% Waterproof
A single container with durability comparable to any two-part competitors on the market
Easy application. No need for experience
Excellent adhesion on any support
Great Elasticity which allows it to resist large amounts of tension/building movement
Ideal product for preparing supports and covering tile joints, tile, stoneware, porcelain etc
Fast and Clean Jobs
90% Less dust than bicomponent microcements
Can be pigmented with any universal pigment creating an extensive range of colours
Can be applied internally and externally


Any area requiring the application of this product should be clean, stable, free of dust, grease and any material that may hinder its adherence.
For correct application, it is necessary to have a completely rigid supporting surface without movement or expansion. Never apply on to a surface in poor condition i.e. broken tiles/chipped paint.
It is possible to use this product on a range of surfaces such as:
– Paint
– Cement & Plaster
– Wood & Plasterboard
– Tiles, ceramic & porcelain
– Marble & Granite


The approximate efficiency per layer is approximately: 1 kg / m2 / 1 layer of 1 mm.

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