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Poliprime 1kg

Poliprime 1kg

£10.83 (£13.00 Incl.VAT)

The POLIPRIME is a synthetic liquid made of acrylic copolymers that is used to enhance the adherence of the INSTYLE MICROCEMENT and other micro-mortars to the surfaces in which they are applied. POLIPRIME is formulated  specifically for surfaces with low absorption rates i.e. tiles, wood, porcelain, marble etc.

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⦁ Better adherence over any kind of surface
⦁ Increased cohesion with the surface
⦁ Increased impermeable qualities
⦁ Increased durability
⦁ Increased crack resistance
⦁ Increased resistance to possible alkaline Ph of the surface
⦁ Durability of residual tack



The efficiency of 1 kg POLIPRIME Primer : 10 to 14 m2, depending of the porosity and how absorbent the surface is.
⦁ 5 – 7 m2 on high absorption surfaces
⦁ 10 – 15 m2 on low absorption surfaces

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